No nuclear war!!!


The government and the «people» of the Russian Federation have gone mad…

No one, with rare exceptions, understands that the World, ALL OF US, are on the very threshold of a nuclear war, which the distraught rulers of the Russian Federation ARE ALREADY READY TO START and in which THERE WILL BE NO winners, but there will be the complete destruction of our Earth and all mankind.

That is ALL OF US!

And the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, WHAT THE AUTHORITIES AND THE ARMED FORCES OF THE RF ARE ALREADY READY for will be the beginning of a nuclear war and the destruction of our Planet!


Do all these jubilant «people» brandishing the fascist semi-swastika and shouting slogans in support of the DEVIL’S war understand this???

After all, this war in Ukraine is the beginning of the destruction of the human world according to the Devil’s plan, which was naturally started by the criminal power of the Russian Federation, which turned Great Russia into a dirty, garbage bucket, and created a bandit system in the country according to diabolical concepts.

And deliberately destroying all true Culture, all that was still human in the Russian Federation (i.e. all its TRUE Power!). Giving the «people» in return all the dirt from all over the world and all the dirt that was in the gangster environment.

Maybe someone grunts «everything is wrong»?! Maybe some sheep who believes in what the rotten and bandit Russian media write will object and declare that «Russia» is the most «legal state»?!

What kind of BRUTES do you have to be in order for all the «people» to first accept a bandit coup in Moscow and then a bandit organization in the «country» and the life according to the concepts of the Devil?

And you have NOTHING human to support this DIABOLICAL war in Ukraine now!

Only the last scumbags, completely devoid of reason, heart and everything human, can not see WHAT is really happening in our BROTHERLY Ukraine!

How the bandit «Russian army» systematically and squarely destroys the very «Russian world» that it came to «save and protect»… How flourishing cities disappear and women, old people, and children perish. How our kindred people are dying together with our relatives and people close to us…

And how according to a diabolical plan two Slavic peoples are destroying each other!

With a normal non-bandit government in the Russian Federation, it was always possible to agree with each other on the joint Construction of FRATERNAL states.

But what normal country will cooperate with the criminal Russian Federation??? In which everything is built only according to gangster concepts and no laws apply?

And what kind of «army» can a real GANG have? Only BANDIT!

That’s why the Russian Federation started this GANG war according to the laws of the gang! Having previously turned 75% of Russians into zombies-fools for its support.

And now the leader of the Russian Federation is ready to destroy the whole Earth, ALL OF US, just to «win»!

After all, this criminal fool did not expect that NO ONE was strong against the Spirit of the people and was going to destroy Ukraine in ONE week! Therefore, now in his madness he is ready to destroy the whole World together with himself and us!

Let’s think about it, PEOPLE!

Let’s think at least about OUR children – they all face a terrible, terrible death in a nuclear fire!!!

But think, if you are PEOPLE, and about YOURSELF – whoever you are!


And do EVERYTHING in your place to prevent this nuclear madness! Life itself will help you!

A bunch of rotten and crazed werewolves politicians and stupid ghouls-military cannot decide for all of us WHETHER WE LIVE OR NOT!

And to be or not to be to our common cosmic Home!

Who wants to die, he will die soon enough according to the Law of Life!

But who wants to live, he must speak out against the ruling thugs, maddened by blood and military failures! They have no right to dictate their BANDIT conditions to us and push the World into the abyss of imminent self-destruction!

All their words are complete lies and a diabolical distortion of reality! Who believes them is either a complete FOOL, or a BANDIT himself and the same inhuman EVIL SPIRITS!

Therefore, our Appeal is only to PEOPLE – do everything to stop the INHUMANS!

We have nothing to lose and our goal is sacred – to save the Earth, children and humanity for the Future. And the Almighty and Life itself is behind us!

The most terrible hell await all the fascist scumbags who are already with the Devil.

And now everyone should make their own last and decisive Choice and show it by deed:

Дорогие друзья! Если вы хотите, чтобы у вас и у ваших детей всегда были под рукой важные, и буквально спасительные Знания с нашего сайта, обязательно и не откладывая, начните их скачивать! А еще лучше – распечатывать! Уже в любое время интернет может исчезнуть, а вместе с ним жизненно важные Знания Свыше, которые ОЧЕНЬ пригодятся вам и вашим детям для спасения от приближающихся грозных Событий. Мы уже живем в такое Время, когда надо ОЧЕНЬ подумать о том, что происходит на Земле. И очень постараться защитить себя и детей от самых немыслимых и неожиданных угроз. А как защититься и спастись от них, обо всем этом – САМОМ ВАЖНОМ СЕЙЧАС – все есть на нашем сайте. И БОЛЬШЕ НИГДЕ В МИРЕ. Поэтому от всего сердца советуем вам поторопиться! Пока еще не поздно. СКАЧАТЬ СПАСИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ЗНАНИЯ МОЖНО В РАЗДЕЛЕ "СКАЧАЙ И ПЕРЕДАЙ!" (СМОТРИТЕ МЕНЮ САЙТА). И еще большая человеческая просьба: пожалуйста, поделитесь этой важной страницей с другими людьми, передайте её ВСЕМ своим друзьям! Разместить ссылку на неё в соцсетях — для этого ПРОСТО нажмите на кнопки с изображением тех соцсетей, в которых у вас есть свои странички. Это будет жизненно необходимой вашей помощью в ОБЩЕМ деле продвижения Правды и Знаний, а также возрождения нашей Родины и очищения ее от тьмы!
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